LING LEE is an award-winning self-shooting Director and Editor whose work focuses on human stories, crossover cultures, and experimental film techniques.

She is curious about people and is interested in finding gentle ways to convey their intimate stories.

Ling has lived and worked in various countries including Germany, UK, Italy, China and Argentina. 

After gaining an MA in Documentary Directing at the National Film & TV School she made films in the UK and abroad.

Ling’s work has been broadcast on Al Jazeera, BBC Scotland, Channel 4, ARTE/ZDF, VPRO, and screened at international film festivals.

She won a number of awards - including the Edinburgh Film Festival Trailblazer Award, and also a One World Media Award.

As Editor, she is best known for ‘DAU. Degeneration’(Dir. Ilya Permyakov and Ilya Krzhanovskiy), 'Edge of Dreaming' (Dir. Amy Hardie'), and most recently 'The Hermit of Treig' (Dir. Lizzie MacKenzie).

As a Director, she made films in the UK and abroad including ‘Miles Apart’ and ‘Balancing A Dream’ for Al Jazeera, both of which are stories about individuals struggling with the effects of change in modern China.

Her previous film 'The Black Veil’ explores the challenges being a non-binary person, a commission for BBC Scotland.

Surviving Translation is her latest documentary which explores the trauma and life-altering consequences of mistranslation.

2022 - The Hermit of Treig (Editor) directed by Lizzie MacKenzie
BAFTA Scotland 2022 - Best Single Documentary

2022 - Long Live Livi (Co-Director, Camera, Editor)
Kendal Mountain Festival 2022 - Best Sport Action Film Prize

2022 - The Black Veil (Director, Camera, Editor)
Image + Nation Queer Short Film Festival (Best Documentary Film Jury Award)

- Miles Apart (Director, Producer, Camera)
One World Media Award (Best Film, Student Category)

2011 - My Favourite Supermarket (Director, Producer, Camera) Portugal CineEco,
Environmental Education Award Ciencia Viva (Best Film)

2011 - Himalayan Sisters (Editor) Underwire Film Festival (Best Editing)

2010 - The Edge of Dreaming (Editor) Trailblazer Edinburgh Film Festival (Best Editing)

2008 - What I Have Left of You (Writer, Director, Producer, Editor)
Scottish Students on Screen (Best Film, Experimental)